Acting Legend Randy Quaid Just Dropped A Truth Bomb About The Taliban!

Well, Randy Quaid just gave a perfect explanation about Biden and his Taliban friends.

Biden is a liar and a fake president, and only after seven months since he’s in office, he created a disaster. If I could, I would press the button to start everything all over. When he arrived at the WH, he had a battalion of US military to protect them from the Trump supporters.

Also, right before the Afghanistan event, Biden shared a list of the top terror threats, among which were: people who question Covid treatments and anyone who asks the sham 2020 election. Shortly said – Trump supporters.

Biden works closely with a terroristic group and lets them call the shots, but he treats the Americans like terrorists because they don’t give their fore for him.

Randy Quaid emphasized that in a tweet that went viral.

Randy is spot-on correct, yet again.

Joe Biden and the Dems have so much hate and contempt for their fellow Americans, it’s not even funny…but yet, they offer so much understanding, hope, and empathy for a pack of brutal killers.

Just imagine what this county would be like if Joe Biden treated Trump supporters with only a fraction of the respect that he affords bloodthirsty terrorists?

Here are some comments from the folks online:

“I agree.  What bothers me is how the citizens are remaining quiet and not doing anything about it”

“Too many people are watching the mainstream news and don’t know they are being lied and have been for years so they don’t know what is the truth now.”

“Biden’s gotta go!”

“Does that mean he is an internationalist first and foremost?”

“Well nobody trusts him, so I guess that equals things out.”

“It is sickening what they do, Randy. They are turning this once great country into a tragedy. Its truly evil.”

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