Well after a CNN Reporter calling the Talibans “bizarrely friendly,” that statement was quickly changed after Clarissa Ward’s crew and producer was near “pistol-whipped” by the Taliban militants.

That was the night and day difference of description. Well, that wasn’t really the spotlight for her reporting career, It was actually her live reporting in Kabul Airport that makes Joe Biden a complete blunder and a liar!

Well, she also said that Biden is a “failure”

Suburban Black Man posted a Twitter video of Ward, “It’s just a picture of desperation, of failure as well. Failure to protect our allies. Failure to plan… Surely, there was a better way.”

Now, the famous Clarissa Ward is back in the USA. Maybe that’s what you get for telling the truth though, right?

A writer from the popular political blog “Conservative Treehouse” pushes that the main reason Clarissa Ward was pulled out from her post in Kabul Airport was because of her “lack of planes leaving”reports.

Biden’s Cheif of staff, Ron Klain just posted a tweet:

Well, finally on Ward’s tweet, she said on a quote, “On our flight and getting ready for takeoff.”

That’s a wrap for her and so much for CNN doing actual reporting, considering they are a political SuperPac for the Dems Party. Lol

Source: Wayne Dupree

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