It’s not shocking that Israel quickly became one of the most heavily vaccinated countries in the world. Knowing the fact that you don’t have time to mess about with a virus when your country is surrounded by and riddled with people who exist purely to kill you.

However, new reports are coming in from the Holy Land are very distressing…

The vaccine over the long term is not nearly as effective as advertised. And for three months this story has been barely touched and it appears that our greatest Middle-Eastern ally is now paying the price for their extreme willingness to embrace the experimental treatment.

The reports came out all the way back in August, and even covered by NPR! They detailed the highly disturbing Jerusalem findings:

  • Immunity from the vaccine decreases over time

NPR reported, “Health officials, and then Pfizer, said their data showed a dip in the vaccine’s protection around six months after receiving the second shot.” Immunity from the vaccine decreases over time.

  • The delta variant broke through the vaccine’s “protection”

Nearly all infections in Israel presently are from the Delta variant – the delta variant broke through the vaccine’s “protection”. The report goes on to claim that the wily Delta was suave and sophisticated enough to break right through the “protection” of the vaccine.

 A former public health director in Israel’s Health Ministry, Siegal Sadetzki said, “THE MOST INFLUENTIAL EVENT WAS SO MANY PEOPLE WHO WENT ABROAD IN THE SUMMER — VACATIONS — AND BROUGHT THE DELTA VARIANT VERY, VERY QUICKLY TO ISRAEL,” quick to blame something OTHER than the vaccination’s shortcomings.

  • Israel’s unbelievably high vaccination rate STILL isn’t high enough. 

Vaccinated authorities are STILL complaining that it isn’t enough – Israel’s unbelievably high vaccination rate STILL isn’t high enough, even with an astounding 78% of their population over age 12. Ever hit what the globalist officials deem to be high enough vaccination rates and by that logic, the US will never.

Does it track now why this report has gone so unaddressed by the talking heads and analysts? This is not what anyone from the Biden-Harris regime or the WHO wants to get out. That the vaccination over time has proven to be less effective than naturally acquired immunity and that by following the WHO recommendations, the Israeli government may have made their people MORE vulnerable.

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