I absolutely love it to no end when a liberal gets what was coming to them…

Donald Trump hit Hollywood celebrity George Clooney where it hurts.

And the far-left liberal and prodigious Hillary Clinton fundraiser was surely feeling it when Trump went on national television to declare the classless Clooney wasn’t anywhere near the legend in his own mind Clooney must believe himself to be.

Trump’s money line came during a telephone interview with “Fox & Friends” last year, when Trump was asked about comments Clooney made at the Cannes Film Festival in France:

“There’s not going to be a President Donald Trump,” Clooney told reporters.
“That’s not going to happen. Fear is not going to be something that drives our country. We’re not going to be scared of Muslims or immigrants or women. We’re not actually afraid of anything.”

Trump showed he wasn’t afraid to make short work of the actor.

“As far as George Clooney is concerned, let’s put it this way: He’s not Cary Grant,” Trump said. Bang.

Being a Hollwood liberal, of course, Clooney could never be expected to like anyone running for president on the Republican ticket let alone getting elected. But this is the kind of crack the golden boy nephew of singer and actress Rosemary Clooney has to notice. The guy’s already been vain enough to exhibit a personal grudge against Trump – for once telling him he was short.

George Clooney really is no Cary Grant.

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