You’d assume that the universe’s most adored and popular “president” would enjoy widespread support. You’d think a man with so-called “82 million” votes would be thrashing his backers with a stick, right?

You’d assume that whenever he visits a place, there would be lines of people waiting to greet him on the side of the road, and throngs of fans in concert and game audiences waving signs and messages of passionate love and affection…. You’d figure something like that would happen, right?

Yes, it should take place…

Because that’s what happens when a large group of people band together for a shared aim and purpose — it manifests itself everywhere you look.

Just as you did with Obama and Trump, you can see evidence of love and support everywhere.

But, strangely enough, we don’t see that with Joe Biden – in fact, we see the polar opposite.

It’s almost as if the whole affair is a ruse…

And it’s because of things like this that a lot of people say that…

A group of Yankee supporters sent Bumbling Joe a loud and plain message in the second deck of Yankee Stadium during the second game of Thursday’s doubleheader between the New York Yankees and the Toronto Blue Jays, They unfurled a massive banner that said, “TRUMP WON.”

That’s funny. We like it and agree with it.

Someone on the deck below rushes up at one point, seemingly trying to pull the banner down. In photos obtained by a photographer for The Post, two guys appear to be struggling over the flag with a security guard.

Later, in a Facebook video, more security and stadium staff are seen in the vicinity, with some supporters yelling for them to be evacuated.

One of the two males looks to be shackled as he is escorted out from the dining area up the stairs.

“Sounded like the entire crowd was booing until security confiscated the banner, which then resulted in a large cheer,” Sports Illustrated’s Max Goodman, who follows the team, tweeted about it.

“Lots of booing hereafter some jabronis unfurled a ‘TRUMP WON’ banner off the second deck. (He didn’t).” A reporter for The Athletic, Lindsey Adler, tweeted.

After the men were hauled out, she tweeted, “Now we have extremely loud cheering as the conspiracy theory banner people are led out of the section by security.”

The American people continue to speak up loud and clear…

Are Joe and the Democrats paying attention?


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