It is incredible when you compare Wolf’s age to his wisdom. It’s almost as if he gets more stupid as time goes on. In his newest statement, he Blames Chicago’s undeniable violence on Indiana’s lax gun laws. We love watching idiots get EPICALLY called out. Check it out:

VIA| CNN’s Wolf Blitzer knows exactly whose to blame for the record gun crime in Chicago.

It’s not the violent gangs, it’s not the piss-poor policing (arrests are down 28 percent in Chicago this year despite the highest murder rate in 20 years).

Just look at this chart from the Chicago Sun-Times and tell me if you see at least a causal connection between the drop in arrests and the number of murders:


No, Wolf Blitzer says, that’s not the problem either. It’s not a lack of leadership by Mayor Rahm “Not My Fault” Emanuel.

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