There are not many people fond of our now former President, Barack Obama. That much is clear, and incredibly easy to understand. Earlier this week he claimed that if he had ran in this election, he would have beat Donald Trump. We find that completely absurd, considering the Queen of England doesn’t even respect you enough to make a trip see you..or to engage in your toast. Not to mention nearly the entire nation voted conservative. This dude is delusional.

Remember this?:

VIA| According to Daily Mail, Obama will have to travel hours outside the city to the queen’s palace at Windsor to meet with her, since she hasn’t deemed him worthy enough for her to make the trip to London.


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  1. joel robertson

    I wish it were true but she did not snub Obama. The English do not speak or make toasts over the national anthem. He was the one who shamed and dishonored himself by showing great disrespect for the English national anthem. As soon as the music was over they made the toast.


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