Hillary lost the election for herself. The supporters that she used to have, woke up and saw her for what she really is. During the campaign, she didn’t reach out to the people like Trump did…and that led to her demise. Hear it from the horse’s mouth.

VIA| A poor campaign that took advantage of their own party is exactly what led many democrats to switch teams and vote for Donald Trump.

Kim McKinney Cohen let out a primal scream that shook the walls of the democratic party. She’s been a lifelong supporter of the DNC until recently when she couldn’t take it anymore.

She still believes that Republicans are the enemy, but she also feels that democrats are self imploding their own party, not being go-getters, and literally betraying their own party and agenda more than anything.

Having Bernie Sanders ripped out of the democratic nomination, when it seemed like the entire world of democrats wanted him to battle Donald Trump, was the straw that broke the camels back for this lifelong African American democrat.

How can she vote for Hillary Clinton, the nominee who’s campaign put their foot on the throat of so many other democrats?

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