When talking about the Clintons and the Trumps, it’s not hard for me to personally go back to something a very wise person said to me once.

That person said that no matter how much you hate or dislike a person, when they are right you have to admit that they are right. It is the most basic courtesy we can give to each other as human beings.

Chelsea Clinton publicly thanked first lady Melania Trump for her decision to replant part of a historic White House tree.

According to The Washington Post, Melania Trump made the final decision to cut down the historic Jackson Magnolia because of its age and damage it has suffered.

While many criticized the first lady’s decision, which was recommended by a tree specialist, Mrs. Trump had other plans. She specifically requested that the wood from the 200-year-old tree be replanted in the same area.

Stephanie Grisham, a spokeswoman for Melania Trump, told the The Associated Press: “Mrs. Trump has asked that wood from the tree be preserved, and that seedlings be available if the opportunity to plant a new tree arises.”

Despite the controversy, Chelsea Clinton publicly thanked the first lady for her decision — a move her mother, Hillary Clinton, is sure to hate.

“Thank you to all the Chief Horticulturists and everyone from the National Park Service who have taken care of the beautiful grounds of the @WhiteHouse over the years,” Chelsea Clinton wrote in a Dec. 26 post.

“Thank you @FLOTUS for preserving part of a tree I & so many have treasured,” she continued.

Did a Clinton actually admit that something a Trump did is right?

Good for her! Chelsea Clinton has come out in support of other Trump family members in the past, including Barron Trump, since the media has often cast a negative spotlight on the boy.

Hillary Clinton is probably shaking with anger right now.

She definitely did not expect her daughter to say something nice to the wife of President Donald Trump.

But Hillary and the mainstream media ought to be paying attention: Even Chelsea Clinton can admit when a Trump is right once in a while.

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