Well this is interesting.. The first Puerto Rican Woman to ever be elected into congress,  Jenniffer González, is  HUGE news for the latino community .But something seems strange. There is a complete media blackout. Are you seeing a trend in major news stations completely avoiding any conservative news at all to hide it from the entire world? This is scary…Check it out:

VIA| Stumbling into the new year, Univision once again displayed the blind spot it tends to have when it comes not only to conservatives, but also to major news related to the nation’s second most numerous segment of the U.S. Hispanic population: Puerto Ricans.

“All things Mexican” has long consistently been the dominant news topic on Univision’s national evening news, often to the detriment of coverage of other U.S. domestic news, including news directly related to other major components of the country’s Hispanic population.

In this case, in a story about the new Latino faces among the incoming freshman class in the United States Congress, Univision completely ignored the arrival of Puerto Rico’s first woman representative, Jenniffer González.

González is not only the top Republican vote-getter in the entire U.S. House of Representatives (in part because as Puerto Rico’s sole representative under territorial status, she represents, with limited voting rights, five times as many citizens as any of her colleagues). She also arrived with what the Associated Press and other major news outlets across the country considered big news, but apparently not to Univision.

Unlike any of her predecessors in over 115 years since the U.S. Caribbean island territory has been sending an elected representative to Congress, as her first official act after being sworn in the Republican lawmaker, popularly known as “JGo”, filed H.R. 51, the Puerto Rico Admission Act, which sets into motion the territory’s expected transition from territory to state of the United States by 2025.

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