Yep, you’re a democrat.

At least, that’s the latest news story from CNN “news”.  On July 2, an openly liberal Fareed Zakaria appeared on the network to report that recent polls indicate almost every American sides with the liberal agenda.

In the interview, Zakaria says:

The Democratic economic agenda is broadly popular with the public. More people prefer the party’s views to those of Republicans on taxes, poverty reduction, health care, government benefits, and even climate change and energy policy….

It is almost baffling that liberals still cite polls.  Polls are a decent tool at best.  At their worst, they can be quite biased.  Just ask Hillary Clinton.

When a liberal goes on TV to talk about a liberal-conducted poll that asks questions about liberal issues, it’s pretty apparent that something will go amiss.  My instinct tells me that this poll was subconsciously, if not blatantly, skewed.

While the left tries to convince themselves that they are the every day man’s champion, it’s simply not true.  Since liberals love polls so much, let’s cite one from late April: 67% of Americans think the democratic party is out of touch.  That poll came from ABC News and (Zakaria’s sometime employer) The Washington Post.

It’s time to stop cherry picking the numbers that work for the liberal agenda.  The left needs a little more humility and a lot less smug.

Watch his interview below:

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