I watch a lot of stuff on YouTube and you have to admit, they did have a pretty damn good idea with their original plan. The problem is that they have done so many horrible things as far as the treatment of conservatives you have to wonder if it is worth watching on there anymore at all.

The way they treat conservatives is borderline perverse and sickening, any anti-liberal viewpoints immediately get shut down quicker than you can imagine.

It’s why you can’t have any kind of viewpoint….unless it is a liberal one.

Remember when they called President Trump an authoritarian?

In a blatant display of fake news and statist propaganda, YouTube has been caught removing the massive dislike ratio on the Biden administration’s videos.


This is precisely what state-run media companies do on behalf of authoritarian governments.  Such illegitimate governments require 30,000+ troops, osprey aircrafts, and heavy artillery to make their populace cower in fear and feel helpless after illegitimate dictatorial elections, year after year.  It is what Venezuela does.  It is what the USSR did.  It is what China does.  It is even what dumb corporatist leftist film sites like Rotten Tomatoes do to bolster audience scores of terrible films by globalist film studios.

And, it is now what Big Tech and your legacy media do in America, openly, as well.

Watch the video below and provide your own like/dislike feedback.

The tragic comedy of all this is that the Whitehouse Press Secretary, Ms. Whatever Ze’s name is, was speaking about bringing “truth and transparency back to the briefing room.”

It is so much duplicitous double speak, George Orwell’s head would spin.

When President Donald Trump said the media was the enemy of the people, he could not have been more correct.  If only he had done something about it.

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