Yet ANOTHER Kamala Staffer Has Come Forward To Expose Her Abuse!

Right Now, the White House is again in chaos and Kamala is the reason behind it. This is the most damning hit on Kamala yet, and it’s likely coming from Team Biden.

The White House is currently lead by two buffoons – the boss who’s supposedly leading the country is a dribbling buffoon y – a man whose cognitive decline is skidding so wildly out of control that he’s barely able to even stand there and look “sane.”

Meanwhile, they have a very unlikeable so-called “VP” who is so phony and cold that makes Hillary Clinton look appealing.

What do you think is the best thing to do?

At this point, they know Joe won’t make it 8 years – but for me, it doesn’t look like he’ll make it another 8 months.

But Kamala isn’t not making the cut. Forget her stiff, cold, fake personality and that cackling witchy laugh, and just focus on how inexperienced and inept she comes off.

Just look how she handled the border situation – and the rural voters and “Kinkos.”

The woman is a complete mess top to bottom.

And as if that wasn’t bad enough, the Handlers now have to deal with “whistleblowing” Kamala staffers, who are coming out of the woodwork to tell the world what a dark, evil, and abusive tyrant she is behind the scenes.

That’s what Tucker Carlson reported on recently, explaining in disturbing detail that Kamala’s staff is so terrified of her and the very idea that she could someday be “president.”

You can watch the video below:

I worked in PR and marketing for years and I can spot when they’re trying to give someone a “PR makeover.”

And with Kamala, they’ve tried to re-set her a couple of times, and it’s not connecting.

That’s not a PR issue, that’s a “client issue.”

This tells me that what these staffers are saying is true, because it’s near impossible to take an actual tyrant and make them look soft and appealing, no matter how great the PR firm is.

That’s why I truly believe this is a hit from Team Biden. I think they realize they made a mistake with Kamala and are doing whatever they can to try and eliminate her. That way, when 2024 rolls around, and Joe doesn’t run, they can put someone else up – like Mayor Pete, to try and take down Trump or DeSantis.

Watch it here: Youtube/Fox News

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