YES! Mike Rowe’s Response To Claims Of Fraud Is Absolutely Perfect…

The TV personality Mike Rowe, known for his show “Dirty Jobs,” was accused of being a “fraud” by a left-leaning social media site called “The Southern Gentleman” for promoting skilled laborers without college degrees, even though he holds a degree himself. Rowe quickly set the record straight, explaining his stance on higher educ ation and the importance of skilled labor in America.

“The Southern Gentleman,” a Facebook page with 71,000 followers, describes itself as “Politely telling Trump fanatics where they can stick their bigoted opinions.” The page made an attempt at humor by calling Rowe a fraud for his educational background, implying that his support of “dirty jobs” made him a hypocrite.

Mike Rowe

Mike Rowe is not only known for his TV show but also for singing professionally with the Baltimore Opera and holding a degree in Communications from Towson University in Maryland. Despite his diverse background, Rowe has been an outspoken critic of the student loan system for higher education, encouraging young people to carefully consider their options before plunging into massive debt for college. In 2018, Rowe said, “We’re lending money we don’t have to kids who can’t pay it back to educate them for jobs that don’t exist anymore, and that’s crazy.”

In response to the accusation of being a fraud, Rowe left a detailed explanation in the comment section, eloquently dismantling the criticism. He explained that he doesn’t believe college is a hoax, nor is he a fraud for having a degree while finding fault with the financing behind college tuition.

Rowe emphasized that he was not “sh*tting” on people with college degrees; instead, he simply takes issue with the high cost of college tuition and has encouraged people to consider trade schools. Rowe’s foundation, mikeroweWORKS, has awarded over $6 million to 1,700 individuals pursuing careers in trades such as welding, mechanics, plumbing, and electrical work. His efforts aim to bridge the widening skills gap and mitigate the massive student loan debt crisis.

Rowe’s arguments highlight a crucial issue in today’s society: the push for higher education has coincided with the removal of vocational arts from high schools nationwide, leading to a lack of skilled laborers in various industries. He believes that it is time to reconsider the necessity and expectations of four-year degrees for young adults, focusing instead on creating educational opportunities that equip them with the skills required for the available jobs.

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The fact that Mike Rowe himself holds a college degree only adds credibility to his promotion of educational opportunities for skilled laborers, who are in high demand in America today. By advocating for diverse education and training options, Rowe hopes to help close the skills gap and create a more sustainable workforce for the future.

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