There Is One Major Difference Between WW2 Era Celebrities And Today’s Hollywood Elite…

When World War 2 began, it seemed that everyone in the United States did what they could to pitch in. Even if someone could not serve in some capacity as an active duty soldier they did something to try and help. This extended all the way down to professional sports. There’s something that you are about to read that if it had to happen today the NFL would implode in confusion.

There were so many men from all walks of life that were either enlisting or getting drafted into service during that time that it began to heavily affect every professional sport you can name. There were so many men in the NFL that were getting pressed into service that the Philadelphia Eagles and the Pittsburgh Steelers actually merged for a season in 1943.

It probably killed their business for a while but they did it for a greater good. Can you imagine asking people to do that today?

The moniker “The Greatest Generation” doesn’t only apply to the working-class men and women who courageously supported our country both at home and abroad during the Second World War.

It also applies to the stars of Tinseltown in that day and age, because many of them served their country with honor and distinction during one of the most formidable conflicts the world has ever known.

These stars stand in stark contrast to today’s liberal elite, who seem to prefer to bash their country instead of serving it.

Compare Sgt. DiMaggio to Major League Baseball star Bruce Maxwell, who disrespects our national anthem while lying about food servers and threatening a pizza delivery person with a loaded weapon.

Another example is famous actor Jimmy Stewart of “It’s a Wonderful Life” and “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” fame.

Jimmy Stewart WWII

Stewart was originally rejected by the draft board due to being underweight. However, instead of meekly accepting the deferment and staying safely at home, Stewart instead worked with a fitness coach to gain weight and was inducted into the United States Army in March 1941. He had already logged nearly 300 hours of flight time as a private pilot, joined the Second Combat Wing of the Eighth Air Force in England.

Over the course of his military career, Stewart led 20 bombing missions over Germany and was twice awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, among other honors. He eventually achieved the rank of colonel, and then brigadier general, and did not officially retire from the Air Force Reserve until 1968.

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Compare Gen. Stewart to actor Robert De Niro, who has routinely insulted President Donald Trump and recently appealed for money to save his controversial, crumbling Caribbean resort under the guise of fundraising for victims of Hurricane Irma.

Another Hollywood actor turned solider was Clark Gable, who joined the U.S. Army Air Forces in 1942 after the tragic death of his wife, Carole Lombard.

clark gable air force

In total, Gable reached the rank of major and flew five combat missions, which earned him the Air Medal and the Distinguished Flying Cross, among other military honors. He was relieved of active duty in June 1944, and his discharge papers were signed by none other than Captain Ronald Reagan. He also had the distinction of having a bounty put on his head by Adolf Hitler, with the caveat that he must be captured alive (apparently, Hitler was a fan, albeit a creepy one).

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