I remember when I was younger and started to get into looking at politics that I would talk to my grandfather and see how he was going to vote and in what direction.

I never lived long enough to be able to take him to vote along with me but I often like to sit there and think based on how he thought then how he would vote now.

Thankfully, if the Democrats get their way I will be able to see front and center how he would vote because they will have him voting until the end of time.

We previously reported on the wildly anti-American HR1 Bill being rammed through congress.  It is astonishing in its broadly unconstitutional and deleterious scope, as if it were written to intentionally transform America into a banana republic in perpetuity.

Now, a hearing on the bill (and a Utah Bill HR12) displays further erosions of critical thinking required to pass such a bill.

When asked about removing countless dead voters from their voter rolls, a Democrat witness claims that any effort to purge dead voters from the rolls would somehow disenfranchise and suppress voters because there might be some errors.

This must be why the old saying goes: the most reliable demographic of Democrat voters has always been the Dead Voter.


The Gateway Pundit had this to say:

On Tuesday Democrats held a hearing on the election transformation bill HR1 that will ensure the party that cheats will never lose another election.
Democrats LOVE this package of criminal behavior…According to PJ Media the bill is full of all sorts of wild federal mandates – bans on voter ID laws, prohibitions on cleaning voter rolls, requirements to accept late mail ballots and over 700 more pages of other commands that will lead to election chaos like we had in 2020.

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