Democrats have been trying to save themselves as midterm elections are looming. They tried to demonize Republicans in any way possible and spread nonsense against Republicans with the Jan. 6 Committee. Instead of focusing on fixing the real problem, America is facing now.

Well, the American people have spoken, they had enough of Democrats’ drama. They need real and quick action to solve the crisis, and they feel Republicans are the best for the job, not some old dementia-ridden President.

A recent Fox News poll found that a majority of American voters trust Republicans more than Democrats on key issues such as inflation, border security, crime, foreign policy, and preserving democracy.

It’s not hard to believe why when you see Democrats encouraging protests at the homes of Supreme Court justices, being in favor of packing the Supreme Court, trying to get rid of the Electoral College, and creating things like a Disinformation Governance Board.

The wonder is why the number isn’t higher for the Republicans. But what it does show is how Democrats’ propaganda is not going over with the American people.

The American people are also not buying that whole “Putin Price Hike” thing that Joe Biden has been talking about nor are they buying Biden’s claim that the economy is doing well.

The Republicans saw a mostly wide advantage on top issues:

  • Voters prefer Republicans to deal with inflation by a 19-point margin
  • Voters prefer Republicans to deal with border security by a 19-point margin
  • Voters prefer Republicans to deal with crime by a 13-point margin
  • Voters prefer Republicans to deal with foreign policy issues by an eight-point margin
  • Voters prefer Republicans to preserve democracy by a one-point margin

The poll pointed out that Republicans had a 30-point advantage on inflation when independent respondents were asked the same question, in addition to roughly 17 percent of Democrats saying Republicans are better.

Republican candidates have no shortage of talking points as the Democrat party pushes out more insane policies and does not seem to understand that their destructive, socialist agenda will be the bullet used to kill their re-election efforts.

Sources: 100percentfedup, FoxNews

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