Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was heckled by a man in a San Francisco establishment, asking why the US government is sending over $150 billion to Ukraine when there are homeless people in the city. The man then asked for stock tips on getting semiconductors in Taiwan.

Pelosi and her husband Paul Pelosi had a bad financial quarter in the final months of 2022, with their stocks losing a total of $2.5 million, mostly from PayPal, Salesforce, Tesla, and Roblox stocks.

Paul Pelosi is a well-known investor and venture capitalist and is connected to a lawmaker, having made tens of millions of dollars in stock trades in recent years. His trading strategy is an example of harvesting, where traders sell investments at a loss to lower taxes for the more successful parts of their portfolio.

The Pelosis’ stock trades caused controversy during her time as speaker, with accusations of insider trading. For example, Paul Pelosi sold 25,000 shares of Nvidia, resulting in a loss of $341,365, and a month later, the federal government imposed export restrictions on the company’s circuits, leading to a 16% decrease in shares.

Although Pelosi’s spokesman claimed that she had no knowledge of her husband’s financial transactions, her stock trades led to bipartisan calls to ban members from trading while serving. Pelosi initially opposed the ban, drawing criticism from members of her own party. For example, Rep. Abigail Spanberger said that Pelosi’s failure to act on this issue showed a failure of leadership and that the Democratic Party needs new leaders in Congress. The House Administration Committee introduced legislation, but it was designed to fail, and the leadership did not have its heart in the effort.

It is clear that Pelosi’s stock trades raise ethical concerns about insider trading and conflict of interest. Even if Pelosi claims not to have known about her husband’s financial transactions, it is difficult to believe that such trades were made without her knowledge or influence.

The calls to ban members from trading while serving in Congress are justified, as this will prevent potential abuses of power and ensure that public officials are not prioritizing their personal financial interests over the public’s interest. Pelosi’s reluctance to support the ban raises questions about her commitment to ethics and integrity in public service, and it is clear that new leaders are needed to ensure that Congress is accountable to the people it serves.

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