Americans waste a lot of money dining out. Dinner in particular can be a real budget buster.

It didn’t take long living in New York City to realize that one meal out can easily set you back $20. Throw in a drink or two and your tab can be twice that.

However, one woman has shared how she made a dinner that can feed up to six people for a total of $20.50 just in time for the festive season.

Rebecca Chobat, who is a 30-year-old stepmom and works full-time, cooks for herself and her boyfriend for most of the year, but his two children also live with them for a couple of months.

She started shopping at Dollar Tree about a year ago to supplement her regular groceries to save money, and she now shares her budget finds and tips with her almost 600,000 followers.

In a series of videos that have amassed more than 1.6 million views at the time of writing, she revealed how she prepared a Christmas dinner for six by spending $20.50 inclusive of grocery sales tax at Dollar Tree.

For those on a budget this season, be sure to check out Rebecca Chobat’s tips and tricks for getting a delicious meal on the table without breaking the bank. Who knows – you may even find yourself with a few extra dollars to add something special to your holiday spread!

In order to maximize the value, Chobat follows certain rules while shopping.

“The guidelines I follow when shopping for these types of videos is that I only visit one Dollar Tree, and I only buy what’s available on that day at that specific store,” she said. “The only items I can use from home are oil, salt, and pepper.”

Chobat purchased the following items from her local Virginia Dollar Tree:

“Stuffing mix, fried onions, frozen green beans, cream of mushroom soup, two bags of mashed potatoes, two packages of honey ham, frozen berry and banana mix, banana nut muffin mix, frozen spinach, cream cheese, mozzarella, homestyle biscuit mix, chicken broth, and a tub of Cool Whip.”

When it comes to shopping on a budget, Chobat says, her main focus is the price per meal, not price per ounce or long-term price.

“I have this mindset that it’s not always cheaper to buy something in bulk. It can be a lower cost per ounce, but if buying more means consuming more or wasting more, it’s not really saving money,” she said.

According to Chobat, “Dollar Tree isn’t always the cheapest option, but sometimes it’s better than taking extra time and gas to go shopping at multiple stores, and the fixed pricing structure can really help people get more variety for their money.”

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