People that don’t get along with each other have to work together all of the time, and it isn’t always a pretty sight to see people of differing views having to join forces.

However, one of the things that you have to remember is that one of the most basic shows of respect that you can give to someone is that if they are someone you can’t stand for one second but you admit that they are right because they happen to be right.

Now, there are a lot of Democrats that wouldn’t exactly be caught dead shaking hands with a Republican or agreeing with them. They would never be able to agree on what do have for lunch. That being said, they would at least be able to agree that they needed to eat…

The Democrats actually started noticing that conservative Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has a chance to bring the GOP back into relevance by 2024. Amazingly, Democrats are actually starting to recognize that he got better results with his controversial Covid decisions than the ones which gained the liberal seal of approval.

When GOP Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida refused to put his state under heavy-handed and “draconian” lockdowns, the liberal media roasted him for it relentlessly, for months on end.

Now even Democrats can’t deny that Florida has some really impressive statistics in the end. The success is impossible to ignore. Even Florida Democrats are admitting that his handling of the pandemic “was likely right.”

The liberal collapse began with the left-leaning New York Times. Their Sunday edition “underscored Florida’s booming real estate market and the state’s low unemployment rate.”

They didn’t want to report it but they grudgingly admit the GOP seems to be throwing a Grand ole Party after all. “Much of the state has a boomtown feel, a sense of making up for months of lost time.” Democrats see the past year as repressively forced thumb twiddling.

Rabidly liberal Axios started getting used to the idea that GOP ideas might not be so bad after all. They read the piece in the Times and noted, “even some Florida Democrats are wondering whether Gov. Ron DeSantis’ widely panned COVID response might turn out to be right.”

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