Camping should make someone feel even closer to nature but some camper would prefer to stay in a cabin with electricity and television which we cannot argue, though it’s your own choice if you want to make it closer to nature and at the same time comfortable and convenient. After all, having to deal with the trash bag and paper towels flying away is one of those things that always bugged us to no end.

One man named Travderose from online decided that he would go this way, he wanted his camping adventure to be more nature friendly, recreational, and at the same time comfortable, though it doesn’t have a name it’s basically an easy way to hold out a trash bag and have paper towels always ready to go.

Travderose decided to make his Jeep Patriot into a camping machine by laying down a piece of wood over the bed in the back. He then used pieces of wood to mark where certain appliances would go and built a wooden cabinet to fit on part of the board.

Travderose also made the cabinet houses a cutting board, a sink, and a drawer. He mounted the cabinet to the board. He also put a refrigerator, plastic drawers, and other items onto the board in the back of his vehicle.

Watch it here: Curiosityness/Youtube

As the video shows, with the use of the Travderose camping machine, he can now use it in pulling all the drawers when camping to have space to prepare and cook food. This also adds storage while it also has refrigerator and other electronics all plug into the lighter port on the dashboard.

Having this type of recreational camping machine he can now enjoy all the conveniences of home while camping.

Sources: Sharesplosion, Curiosity, Instructables


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