The former inaugural chief software officer at the Pentagon said that he believes the United States has already lost the technological battle against China.

“We have no competing fighting chance against China in 15 to 20 years,” Nicolas Chaillan said in an interview with London-based business newspaper, Financial Times.

He called the current situation “a done deal,” adding that, in his opinion, the race between China and the US was “already over.”

Nicolas Chaillan, 37, who worked for three years on a Department of Defense-wide effort to enhance cybersecurity and became the first chief software officer of the Air Force, resigned last month in part due to his belief that the U.S. is getting outmaneuvered by foreign powers.

According to him, the U.S. cyber defenses are currently at “kindergarten level,” making America an easy target for large-scale hacking operations that could cripple the country’s infrastructure and banking systems.

A spokesperson for the Air Force told the Financial Times that Frank Kendall, the secretary of the Air Force, discussed Chaillian’s recommendations for future technological developments following his resignation, which he announced on LinkedIn on Sept. 2.

Following the birth of twin children last year, he “realize[d] more clearly than ever before that, in 20 years from now, our children, both in the United States and our Allies’, will have no chance competing in a world where China has the drastic advantage of the population over the U.S.”

He said “a lack of response” from Department of Defense leadership was “certainly a contributor to my accelerated exit,” and Chaillan urged military leaders to put people with experience in technology in those positions instead of a career service member in charge of identity, credential, and access management. Chaillan also accused military officials of having not “walk[ed] the walk” when it comes to prioritizing their effort to improve the Pentagon’s cybersecurity infrastructure.

The Biden administration has made combating climate change and promoting transgenderism — not defending the homeland — the centerpiece of the nation’s military strategy.

Because the future of warfare is in cyberspace, China’s scientific superiority will ensure its global dominance because America is asleep at the wheel.

Fueling America’s rapid slide into mediocrity is the left-wing movement to eradicate academic standards in the name of racial “equity.”

Meanwhile, Chinese tech conglomerates are obliged to work with their government to help them dominate the world.

Chaillan said he plans to testify before Congress about the mounting Chinese cyberthreat in the coming weeks.

And ever since Joe Biden became the president of the United States, the country has become the target of cyberattacks from both China and Russia.

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