A 17-year-old from Florida was not allowed to enter her senior homecoming dance because she wore a jumpsuit instead of a dress.

When Darcy Krueger showed up to the Tampa Bay Homeschool Homecoming dance last Friday, she didn’t think she’d be turned away for her outfit.

“I was very surprised and confused,” Krueger said about what happened when she arrived for the Tampa Bay Homeschool homecoming dance on September 27.

“I had been standing in line in front of her (the event planner), but the moment she saw my legs move she immediately denied me entrance. It felt very dismissive and inconsiderate.”

Darcy, wearing a black jumpsuit, was barred from the dance by a private event organizer who deemed her outfit was a violation of the dress code.

The homecoming dance, which was not associated with any school, was held for homeschool students in the Tampa Bay area and the tickets cost $50.

The event planner, Stephanie Voth, told the website in an emailed statement that the dress code was “submitted and approved by the parents of our community group.”

The dress code for the event stated “semi-formal dresses for young ladies” and dress pants, button-down shirts, and ties for boys. It also reportedly allowed strapless, knee-length, and two-piece dresses with less than a two-inch gap at the midsection.

“We highly discourage dresses that are too revealing and that are simply too short,” the code stated, according to Today.

“Dresses that expose a plunging neckline or backlines are NOT appropriate. You will not be allowed in if your dress is questionable.”

“My role is to decorate, enforce and execute the event,” Voth said in the emailed statement. “The dress code issue was a pantsuit does not qualify as a dress.”

Krueger said she got the impression that the event planner who turned her away was “not open to having a discussion about it.”

“Even though she said I looked great, the only solution offered to me was to put a dress on and come back,” Krueger told Today. “That was not an option for me once I realized the only reason I couldn’t go in was because I wasn’t wearing an actual dress. I just couldn’t support that idea.”

The 17-year-old said her initial reaction was to call her mother to come to pick her up since she didn’t want to be there anymore. Her mother, Melissa Krueger, later posted her disappointment about the incident on Facebook.

Melissa Krueger shared photos of her daughter’s homecoming outfit on Facebook in an upset post. “My daughter was just denied entrance because her dress attire has a crotch in it, Tell me this isn’t formal attire. The lady who wouldn’t let her in had pants on and refused to look at my screenshot of the dress code.”

Krueger wrote that both she and her teenage daughter were “upset” about how things transpired, adding that jumpsuits were not listed in violation of the dress code.

Melissa points out that the dress code did not say ‘pantsuit dress attire’ couldn’t be worn by ladies.

Darcy told ABC Action News that she had previously gone shopping for a dress, but didn’t find one she wanted.

That’s when she chose to wear the jumpsuit instead.

She said: ‘I already had this in the closet and I was like this could totally work. I could just dress this up and feel good about this.’

Melissa sympathizes with her daughter and couldn’t believe the event organizers’ reactions.

‘She was dressed up and was appropriate so that’s frustrating because this like a memory now, you know,’ Melissa told ABC Action News.

‘As a mom, I was shocked. I thought there had to be a misunderstanding. What century are we in!? I was very upset… there was no one else to talk to,‘ she told Yahoo Lifestyle.

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