We know how important the Hospitals are in treating minor and serious diseases, illnesses, and disorders of the body function of varying types and severity. Hospitals also help promote health, give information on the prevention of illnesses, and as well offer curative services.

And what would you do if your Hospital kicks you out from their doors? This is what exactly happens to Steven Assanti.

Steven Assanti from Rhode Island has been weighing 778 pounds and hospitalized with serious problems and wanted to learn a better eating habit.

With his healthcare to support his risky procedure of undergoing a gastric bypass surgery for his weight-loss journey, sure enough, the doctors have very strict rules on his dietary plan.

After he have lost at least 2.5 percent of his total body weight, he thought that would not be a problem but that move has significantly changed his life forever.

He placed the delivery order from a local pizza shop and waited for it to come to his hospital room. Steven knew it had to remain a secret because pizza violated his strict dietary plan.

After the hospital knew that Steven ordered a pizza, he got kicked out as the Hospital claimed that Steven was not committed to his weight loss goal instead, Steven blamed the hospital for their negligence of letting the pizza delivery man into the building.

This is a bizarre story but later on, Steven joined the show ‘My 600-lb Life’ and proved to be a controversial star on the program. He would throw temper tantrums and secretly order pizzas despite the doctor’s orders. He also abused painkiller medications and would go on YouTube rants earning him a notorious status online.

Later on, he posted this on his Facebook account:

“Good morning friends and to the best girlfriend in the world Stephanie Sanger. I love you baby with my soul n heart. I want everyone to continue to know you’re the reason why I look forward to my future, our future and I hope it grows bigger, you’re the best baby real talk. Keepin’ ten toes down fellas. Have a good day!”

He was so proud of his new life and new girlfriend whom he claims to be the best thing ever happened to him after he lose massive weight.

Watch it here: Youtube/ CBS Boston

Source: American Web Media

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