The War in Afghanistan has always been a black box, but the Biden administration just made matters worse.

At the behest of the corrupt Biden government, several webpage links documenting the cost and inventory of billions in high-tech equipment given to the Taliban have been removed from federal websites.

Adam Andrzejewsk, the founder of On Tuesday revealed that State Department officials recently told other federal agencies to remove any official reports detailing the $82.9 billion in US taxpayer funds spent arming and training Afghan forces over the past 20 years from their websites.

And Hundreds of internet links to information from a variety of authorities are no longer active.

Andrzejewsk cited the following examples:

In addition, many of the removed audits reports merely quantified military equipment without identifying personnel. Here are two important examples:

#1. Government Accountability Office (GAO): reposted an audit of U.S.-provided military gear in Afghanistan (August 2017) after it was removed from its official location.

#2. Special Inspector General For Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR): reposted an audit of $174 million in lost ScanEagle drones (July 2020) after the report was removed from its official location.

According to Daily Mail reports:

The Biden administration has begun scrubbing public records detailing the $82.9 billion U.S. investment in Afghanistan’s armed forces to protect Afghan officials and military officers from Taliban reprisals.

Federal agencies have been told to remove information detailing the colossal investment from website as Afghanistan’s new rulers show off their newly acquired hardware.

Taliban fighters stood aboard captured Humvees and armored SUVs as they paraded through Kandahar, where propaganda video has circulated of a Black Hawk flying overhead.

In all, they are believed to have seized an air force worth tens of millions of dollars although U.S. officials say aircraft were disabled before the departure of international troops.

The total amount of hardware supplied to Afghanistan is staggering. Between 2003 and 2016, the U.S. supplied 208 aircraft and almost 76,000 vehicles, along with 600,000 weapons, according to a 2017 report by the U.S. Government Accountability Office.

The deleted public information contained detailed accounting of everything the US had provided to Afghan forces, including over 200 military aircraft, 75,000 war vehicles, and 600,000 weapons – everything down to night vision equipment, hand grenades, and bullets were also accounted for.

Now, thanks to Jihad-Joe, America-hating Terrorists control all of it.

The Washington Examiner reported on Wednesday:

“The safety of our Afghan contacts is of utmost importance to us. The State Department advised other federal agencies to review their web properties for content that highlights cooperation/participation between an Afghan citizen and the USG or a USG partner and remove from public view if it poses a security risk.” – State Department Spokesperson.

The claims of “security concerns” and possible “retribution” may sound credible at first – terrorists did just overthrew the country – but none of the information that was taken down included any names of US allies in Afghanistan that would be in danger if the information had been left up.

Using ‘security concerns’ as the excuse is even more unbelievable when you consider Biden’s Deep State provided the Taliban with a ‘kill’ list of Americans and allies who were attempting to reach evacuation flights at Kabul airport.

The Jihadists are trustworthy and should be relied on to cooperate, according to the Biden Regime.

Biden and the radical-leftists running his regime have been responsible for crisis after crisis since being fraudulently installed 8 short months ago.

The complete debacle in Afghanistan has exposed these traitors for what they are – Their charade is falling apart.

In other words – the cover-up is on!

Sources: Thegatewaypundit, Dailymail, Forbes

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