Well, well, well, what do we have here? Seems like some of our beloved politicians are trying to make a name for themselves by taking cheap shots at the greatest president America has ever had, Donald Trump. Take Mike Pompeo, for example, who many thoughts was one of Trump’s most loyal allies. But alas, with the delusions of grandeur, he thinks he can beat Trump in the 2024 presidential nomination. Sorry, Mike, but you’re not even close. In fact, no one named Mike, not even Mike Pence, has a chance.

And what’s with this blatant swipe at Trump? Pompeo said, “We can’t become the left, following celebrity leaders with their own brand of identity politics; those with fragile egos who refuse to acknowledge reality.” Sorry, Mike, but that fell flat. You need to try harder than that.

Reports are that energy for Pompeo’s speech was pretty low. A reporter even asked, “was that what it was like when Jeb was here?” Ouch! That’s gotta hurt. It seems like not only did he not fill the room, but many of his lines didn’t land either.

Nikki Haley, another Republican presidential candidate, didn’t fare much better either. In fact, at CPAC, she was greeted with “We Love Trump” chants. It seems like she forgot who the real leader of the Republican Party is. Even her speech was low-energy and failed to excite the crowd.

In her speech, Haley said every politician over 75 years of age should take a mental competency test. Really, Nikki? That’s not only insulting but also ageist. What happened to respecting our elders and their wisdom?

She also said it’s time to “put your trust in a new generation.” Sorry, but just because someone is young doesn’t mean they’re qualified for the job. In fact, experience and wisdom are just as important as youth and vigor.


Haley’s lackluster speech didn’t go unnoticed by Infowars. They reported that she pledged to “renew an America that’s strong and proud – not weak and woke.” But her speech was nothing more than a jumble of terms like “woman,” “minority,” and “immigrant” that failed to excite the crowd. She even claimed that America is not a racist country.

Really, Nikki? Have you seen what’s happening in our streets lately?

Despite announcing her 2024 presidential bid on February 14, Haley has trodden carefully, avoiding any mention of Trump by name. In a recent interview on the podcast “Honestly,” she pledged to support him if he secured the GOP nomination.

Well, Nikki, that’s not good enough. The Republican Party needs a strong leader who’s not afraid to stand up for what they believe in and support the greatest president we’ve ever had.

In the latest GOP primary polls, Haley sits in 4th place. That’s not surprising, considering her lack of enthusiasm and energy for the job. Trump, on the other hand, is still the leader of the pack. In fact, in a hypothetical 2024 Republican primary, he currently garners 55 percent of the vote, while Ron DeSantis sits 30 points behind with 25 percent.

It’s clear that President Trump is still the most popular Republican figure, and the crowds are already fired up for his speech at CPAC.


It’s time for the Republican Party to rally around Trump and his America First agenda. As conservatives, we need to put our differences aside and unite behind the one person who has consistently fought for our values and principles. We can’t afford to have another RINO candidate like Haley or Pompeo, who won’t be able to defeat the left in 2024. We need a strong leader who can stand up to the radical agenda of the Democrats and fight for the American people. And that leader is Donald J. Trump.

Sources: WLT, The Hill, Infowars

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