Due to the Biden administration’s incompetence and lack of action, 13 brave souls from our men in uniform were lost and America is in deep pain right now.

The 13 brave men and womenwere killed in a suicide bombing at the Kabul airport and 20 more are injured while 10 are in critical condition.

Joe Biden didn’t provide any statement at the first 7 hours after the bombing incident happened and his first lady also didn’t give any condolences after the news was published.

But the former first lady Melania was able to share her sentiments about the incidents and still no words from the current first lady.

This made a lot of Americans think as to why there’s no word from Biden yet even a tweet of sorrow, or offer prayers – anything.

But it was just “radio silence.”

And when he did finally give his speech today, he was lethargic, disengaged, and appeared totally out-of-it (more so than usual).
Well, now, we may know why that is.

OANN reporter Jack Posobeic, who is known around the internet world for having very good, very reliable White House sources, shared some info that appears to shine a light on why Joe was silent and then looked lost and defeated 7 hours later.

According to Jack’s source, Biden was in a “fugue” state, totally out of it, and paralyzed over all the rapid changes that were going on and the barrage of news reports.

Here’s what Jack said: “It’s like Biden is in a fugue state. Paralyzed. Totally MIA over rapid changing news” – per WH official”

In addition, Jack’s source also said offered this very alarming nugget about ISIS threats, and possibly why they were not taken seriously.

“White House was briefed last weekend about imminent ISIS threat. Jake Sullivan advised Biden it was simply fear-mongering, despite tactical reports, per WH official.”

Now, there is a rather loud – and growing louder – a chorus of Americans out there who are demanding that Joe Biden resign.

After what the Americans have seen throughout the 8 months that Biden sat as the president, how he behaved in front of the media and how he’s handling the Afghanistan crisis made the people to be more convinced that he is not mentally fit for his position and he no longer has the capabilities to serve the nation. I can’t say I blame people for feeling this way.

It appears now, that Joe’s ineptitude is getting people killed.

Source: Wayne Dupree

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