Well, you’re no stranger to the mark former inhabitants leave on a place, if you’ve ever had the pleasure of buying a new-to-you home that used to belong to someone else. Sometimes there are items that were left behind by the previous owners or other inconsequential reminders of someone else’s existence.

There may be questionable design decisions, unwashed dishes in the dishwasher, or boxes of who knows what in the attic. However, after the couple entered their newly-bought home in Caribou, Maine, and examine their new purchase, you probably won’t find what they have found.

The new owners of the home on Belanger Road called the Caribou Police, as they discovered a starving dog shut up in a closet when they began renovating the home. The dog appeared in desperate need of food and medical care.

On Nov. 9, The Caribou Police Department posted on its Facebook page, the police department wrote: 

“We are asking for help in identifying the dog pictured below, as you can tell the pup has not been properly cared for in quite some time.”

“In fact, he was found abandoned in a closet in a recently purchased home (that had been vacant for some time)in Caribou.”

“We are looking to speak with the owner(s)for obvious reasons. If you are the owner or know who the owner is please come to the police department, send us a private message or give us a call at 493-3301. We thank you for your assistance.”

“We are not encouraging any public bashing but are looking for constructive tips in locating the dogs owner. We are making sure he gets the care he needs in the mean time. Thank you.”

However, many commented to scold the police department for looking to return the dog to its owner but the real reason they were looking for the owner was to press charges. The dog’s owner could face animal cruelty charges, as some people did not understand why the police department was looking for the dog’s owner. It wasn’t clear how old the dog was or how long it had been abandoned in the closet.

But to find the previous owner of the home, as that person might be the owner of the abandoned dog,  many also commented to suggest police look at the house paperwork or databases. But it was unlikely, the police department argued.

In a Facebook post the department wrote:

“We have a few leads to work on thanks to people reaching out and we appreciate it. In the meantime we are making sure the dog is being cared for. Thank you again.”

“Also many have asked about the previous home owner etc., the dog was abandoned at the home while it was vacant, meaning after the previous owner left but before it was just purchased.”

The comments eventually had to be turned off, but the Caribou police did provide an update on the post stating that a suspect had been identified, and they are in the process of locating him.

“We now have identified a suspect and are in the process of locating him,” the update read. “The dog is currently getting the care he needs.”

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