A high-profile Democrat lawmaker has been banned from the House floor after a heated debate over the use of taxpayer dollars to fund gender reassignment surgeries for minors.

I am outraged by the recent actions of left-wing protesters and Democrat lawmakers in Montana. The banning of Zooey Zephyr from the House floor is a reasonable response to her disruptive and dangerous behavior. This kind of reckless behavior is typical of left-wing protesters who prioritize their agenda over law and order.

These protesters are willing to undermine the democratic process and cause chaos to get their way. On Monday, they descended on the Montana Capitol Building and disrupted official proceedings, chanting “let her speak” for nearly half an hour. This is unacceptable. Democrats have a long history of trying to subvert the democratic process when it does not suit their agenda.

Zephyr drew criticism after telling Republican lawmakers that they would have “blood on their hands” during a House debate over amendments to ban sex change surgeries for minors. This kind of language is dangerous and inflammatory. It is an attempt to bully and intimidate those who hold a different opinion.

Montana Republicans have taken a bold stance by banning Zephyr from the House floor for the duration of the 90-day legislative session. Under the terms of the punishment, Zephyr will still be able to vote remotely, though she will be unable to discuss proposals and amendments under consideration with her colleagues. This is a reasonable response to her actions. It sends a clear message that there are consequences to disruptive and disrespectful behavior.

House Majority Leader Sue Vinton, who supported the punishment, said Zephyr placed lawmakers and their staff members at risk by inciting Monday’s protests in the chamber. “Freedom in this body involves obedience to all the rules of this body, including the rules of decorum,” Vinton said. This is a statement of fact. Freedom does not give anyone the right to break the rules or endanger others.

This move by Montana Republicans is reminiscent of the recent decision by the Republican-dominated Tennessee legislature to expel two Democrat members who joined protesters in disrupting official proceedings. Republicans must stand firm against these attacks and defend the values that make America great.

WATCH the video below for more details:

Source: TrendingPolitics, AL.com

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