From the moment they entered this world as identical twins, Anna and Lucy Decinque have pursued a life of striking similarity. These two peas in a pod share everything—hobbies, fashion, hairstyles, makeup choices—creating a mirror image of each other.

But the most bizarre aspect of their intertwined existence? They share the same fiancé, and the sisters have an astonishing goal: to get pregnant by him at the exact same time! After 35 years on Earth, these remarkable siblings’ commitment to togetherness has never waned.

Living in Perth, Australia, the inseparable duo has cultivated an extraordinary relationship with their mutual love, Ben, for over ten years. The bond of sisterhood, as well as their shared affection for Ben, unites them. In a testament to their distinct and inseparable nature, the sisters even possess a doctor’s note declaring they must coexist together. Talk about an exceptional trio!

In a candid interview with Australian talk show hosts, the twins ardently expressed their desire to become pregnant simultaneously and raise their children together. They don’t expect their offspring to be identical, but they’re determined to shower them with twin love and devotion as co-mothers.

The Decinque twins have captured the hearts of Australian reality TV fans, appearing on TLC’s Extreme Sisters. While they feel fulfilled by their unconventional lifestyle and don’t see any harm in loving the same man or potentially raising each other’s children, some viewers of an Australian talk show dubbed their situation “creepy.”

The sisters recognize that planning a pregnancy isn’t entirely within their control, but they’re committed to conceiving as close together as possible.

“We can’t live without each other. We can’t be apart—if it’s possible, we’d like to be pregnant together,” Anna declared. “At the end of the day, it’s how we choose to live our lives, and we’re happy to live like that.”

To solidify their unshakable bond, Anna and Lucy have chosen to share the same significant other for eleven years. As a result, they’re now engaged and striving to become pregnant simultaneously with their joint fiancé. This unconventional arrangement allows the twins to both experience motherhood side by side!

As a twin himself, Ben has a deep comprehension of his girlfriends’ unique identical twin requirements. His singular insight into their relationship dynamic enables him to meet the sisters’ needs in ways others simply can’t fathom.

“He understands that we need to be the same, we need to do everything together, he understands us, there’s no pressure, he just understands,” Lucy explained.

“He understands our closeness. We need to be together twenty-four-seven. He totally understands us,” Anna added.

Lucy chimed in, “He gets us more than we get ourselves. We found our everything. We’re so thankful that we found Ben.”

Their shared life doesn’t end with a fiancé—they also have the same job.

“We need to find an employer that understands our bond, accepts who we are, understands the way we work,” Anna said.

“We’re hardworking girls, we come as a package, we work well as a team, we function as a team, we don’t work separately,” Lucy elaborated.

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