In one of the most astounding courtroom incidents in recent memory, Infowars presenter Alex Jones was shocked to learn while testifying on Wednesday that his own attorneys had apparently unintentionally given the opposition years’ worth of his personal text conversations.

In the midst of a trial, Alex Jones is being sued for millions of dollars for all the emotional harm he brought about by saying the Sandy Hook school shooting was a hoax.

Jones, a radio presenter, and conspiracy theorist found himself in legal trouble after the Sandy Hook victims’ parents sued him. Over the years, he has also lost his social media accounts, which has significantly decreased his reach. Jones asserted that the mass shooting was staged and referred to the parents of the dead children as “crisis actors” who had reportedly been employed by the “deep state,” at the time.

Jones gave testimony on Wednesday for the second time in an effort to fight off one of the numerous defamation lawsuits filed by Sandy Hook massacre victims’ families.

On Tuesday, Jones argued under testimony that he had completely complied with the court’s discovery procedure and that, contrary to the opposing side’s request, there were no texts on his phone in which he mentioned Sandy Hook.

However, attorney Mark Bankston who is representing the parents of a Sandy Hook victim informed a seemingly stunned Jones that he had evidence this was untrue. — By producing private text messages from Jones’ phone. private text messages from Jones’ phone.

“Twelve days ago, your attorneys messed up and sent me a digital copy of every text,” Bankston said. “Do you know what perjury is?”

Despite the earlier testimony of Jones the texts apparently confirm that he had discussed Sandy Hook and not only did Bankston reveal the confirmed Jone’s false testimony, including Jones’ website Infowars earned up to $800,000 a number Jones said was the result of a good week during the Conservative Political Action Convention, for at least a couple days in 2018.

Later, on Wednesday, Bankston disclosed to reporters that one of Reynal’s legal assistants had submitted the documents through a file-sharing site, and that the file contained several hundred gigabytes of information encompassing at least 27 months’ worth of phone records.

The lawsuit against Jones is a First Amendment issue, according to Jones, who has accused the trial of being rigged.

“All I did was speculate and ask questions,” he seethed to reporters outside the courthouse on Tuesday. “I have a right to do that.”

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Sources: Dailywire, Nbcnews, Newstimes

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