A five-year-old’s troubled mom, who wish not to be identified, has a heartbreaking revealation that she doesn’t like her daughter anymore and is “not sure I can do another thirteen years with her.”

The mother wrote about how she “had a bad morning” and planned to go on a “rant” about the shared “custody of her five-year-old” daughter in a Reddit confession. In an entry on Reddit, the concerned mother explains why she dislikes her stubborn kid and why she thinks she won’t be able to handle the youngster until he or she reaches college age.

She started her confesion by explaining how her daughter’s personality around adults, “Shy around other adults. And with her peers. She is bad with sharing, brags a lot, is competitive, and is a sore loser. She has no friends because other moms have decided she’s too ‘mean.’”

Despite the fact that the mother views her daughter as a catastrophe, she explains how she feels responsible for the child’s actions. Despite knowing that she had raised the kid wrong and was failing as a parent, mom still dislikes her offspring.

“I know that it’s all mostly my fault. I haven’t been that great of a mom. I really have tried, but it’s been so hard. I’m in tears right now writing this. I work so hard to keep a good, warm home. I only work school hours, so she’s never had before or after-school care. Every single thing I do, I do for her. And it’s never good enough. And I’m fried. I’ll never meet a person who would want to share a life with me with this ungrateful, angry, rude little person who I’m now stuck with for the next decade and a half.”

“Not really looking for advice. Just a place to say the things that I really should never say out loud to anyone. I feel like I want to start drinking, and it’s only 9:30 in the f***ing morning,” the mother continued.

After posting about the incident on Reddit, she received hundreds of replies. The mother subsequently provided a note of thanks to everyone who had her back in response to the comments.

“It’s funny how sometimes the answer is to spend LESS time with them. I keep thinking if I could put more time in, it would get better, but now I’m thinking that it’s not helping either of us, or she’s better off not around me. So, yes, the first, less drastic step would be to do after-school care a few days a week, so I can have some time to breathe.”

A parent should encourage her daughter to participate in sports as soon as possible, according to one user.

“She’s a little young, but team sports are also great for learning how to share, how to pay attention to others, and how to win and lose together as a team. She would learn that she doesn’t get to make the rules, and she doesn’t get to have it her way. E.g., if there’s a dress code and she can’t have half her hair braided and half of it down, then she just needs to accept it.”

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