Tucker Carlson has recently reported that the Bank of America is now turning over private customer data to the Feds for the alleged purpose of “defeating extremism.”

However, now Tucker Carlson is pointing out that Bank of America is clearly holding extremist views, teaching most of those in their employ that even toddlers can be racist. Oh brother. According to the Bank of America website, “toddlers develop racial biases by ages 3-to-5 and should be actively taught to recognize and reject the smog of white privilege.”

Tucker’s guest was Chris Rufo, who works as a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, and he told Tucker that employees at the Bank of America are encouraged to do a 21-day training program recommended by the bank.

Mr. Rufo continues to actively investigate the extremist liberal views that are permeating corporate America, and he continues to report his findings on shows such as Tucker Carlson’s program.

Rufio also told Tucker that the “Bank of America denounces America as a white supremacist country and by extension expresses antipathy and even hatred to 70% of its citizens.”

According to the training program, all-white employees are required to undergo the training, which underscores the faulty concept that they are “living a life with white skin privileges” and that it doesn’t matter if they have “socioeconomic class background or other disadvantages.” Moreover, this training attempts to indoctrinate their members by telling them that even white toddlers are guilty and should be “taught to recognize and reject the ‘smog’ of white privilege.”

On the other hand, this doctrine from the Bank of America teaches that people of color cannot be racist.

Next, this Bank of America training (read: propaganda) instructs white employees that they should deconstruct their racial and sexual identities and confront the “white privilege” they have and see “if they exhibit ‘white fragility’ traits.”

Naturally, any person would have quit their job by now, simply due to the fact that a lot of banks are hiring and most of them are not subjecting their employees to this hateful rhetoric. Why not go to a bank that is more level-headed?

In the final days of the training, Bank of America will tell their employees that they should “decolonize [their] mind[s]” and become “woke at work.” Participants must admit that “[their] words and actions are inherently shaped and influenced by systemic oppression” and must “cede power to people of color.” This is why Bank of America doesn’t deserve to have “America” in its name. It’s time for a boycott, folks.


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