Military jobs are literally not for everyone.

America has some requirements in order to enter into a military position that not everyone can meet. Liberals are furious with President Trump’s decision to remove transgenders from the military but don’t bother with others who are refused their request to serve.

Via IJR:

As the upset over President Donald Trump’s decision on transgender people in the military reverberates through the social justice warrior crowd, it’s worth noting that there are other, less medically severe, medical conditions that prevent people from volunteering for the military.

If you have bad — or no — teeth, those are grounds to keep you out of the U.S. military. So is having a hernia or being too overweight after gastric bypass surgery.

According to, there are pages upon pages of medical reasons that could keep a person from the military, either permanently or temporarily.

Too Short: Men below 60 inches; women 58 inches

Too Tall: Men above 80 inches; women above 80 inches

Silicone Breast Implants


Persistent Ovarian Cysts

Abnormal Pap Smear

Organ Transplant Recipient

Undescended Testicle
Epididymitis – caused by STDs

Amputated Penis if Stump Prevents Proper


Absence of a Kidney

Deformity of Skull, Face, or Jaw

Spastic Neck

Coronary Heart Disease


Varicose Veins – Venous Incompetence
Unrepaired Cleft Palate or Lip

Vocal Cord Paralysis


Head Shunt

Certain Types of Head Injuries

Multiple Sclerosis


Anti-Social Behaviors

Personality Disorder

Certain Types of Acne

Contact Dermatitis

Sun Sensitivity

Plantar Warts

Fused or Bent Spine


Allergies to Insects That Can Cause


Sleep Apnea


Liberals can go ahead and take up arms for all the folks not allowed to serve for one of these conditions.

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