VIAJeff Dunham isn’t a politically-correct comedian. That’s what makes him so funny. So, when he and Walter looked out at the crowd and saw who was in the front row, Walter obviously had to mention it.

This was apparently Walter’s first time in front of Arabs – and they were all sitting in the front row. Walter wasn’t exactly quiet about this unusual situation.

As you can see in the video below, Walter had everyone laughing, but those in the front row were laughing the hardest!


“DON’T MENTION ACHMED!” Jeff Dunham is an ambassador for peace through his humor. Everyone was laughing at that!

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    • Dan Dwyer

      Peggy, Just so you know he does not have any puppets. Puppets are on strings. He has what are called ventriloquist dolls or dummies.

  1. roger

    Puppets and dummies are politicians, only leaves us with dolls for ventriloquists.


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