A Florida man was arrested on charges of aggravated stalking after deputies said they received nearly a dozen complaints about his behavior.

Mark Greenburg, 55, of Deltona, Florida, has been arrested for stalking a 6-year-old girl and telling her that he would turn her into a “big girl” and make her famous.

Several witnesses also gave deputies similar accounts of Greenburg’s comments to the child, including that he said he was going to pick her up and take her to Disney World, the sheriff’s office said

Greenburg has been accused in almost a dozen cases of stalking minors, passing horrifying remarks to minor children, and yelling at neighbors with a megaphone. He had created a “scary” atmosphere as parents were frightened to send their children out of their houses to play.

In a Facebook post, the Volusia Sheriff’s Office said the arrest occurred after the alleged victim’s father and neighbor reported a “long pattern” of “harassing behavior” toward the girl and other Deltona, Fla. residents.

“The arrest followed a series of complaints from close to a dozen witnesses who have reported his behavior, including at least 11 incidents reported to the Sheriff’s Office over the past eight months,” the VSO wrote. “Those reports involved Greenburg harassing neighbors, yelling at them and their kids using a megaphone, and driving past houses while recording children on his phone.”

A sheriff’s deputy elaborated on those allegations in comments captured by another officer’s body-worn camera.

“His daughter, who’s six years old, was crossing the street and Mark Greenburg came out and was like: ‘I’m gonna turn you into a woman, I’m gonna take you to Disney World, I’m gonna make you famous,’” Deputy Baldwin said, while making hand motions, to refer to the girl’s father and a whisper-like state of quiet. “He’s saying yesterday he was telling the kids to be quiet [and] come to–come to him.”

According to an incident report, Greenburg is also believed to have followed the 6-year-old girl to her grandmother’s house in an entirely different neighborhood and waited outside in his car to take pictures. The girl and her father, deputies alleged, had been scared to go outside for some time.

Another neighbor said the defendant had also made other threats and employed racial slurs in the recent past.

“He actually used the N word toward…myself and another neighbor and he also made threats that day and in the past about what he wants to do us,” a resident identified only as Shawn told a local TV station.

In the body camera footage, the defendant doesn’t question his arrest but asks for deputies to let him lock up his own house.

Here’s what the VSO said:

“Deputies attempted to speak to Greenburg Friday evening, but he refused to answer the door and said he would talk another day. After obtaining a warrant, deputies with the Deltona Crime Suppression Team returned Saturday and arrested Greenburg without incident.”

According to court records, Greenburg is charged with a felony offense and was taken to jail, where his bond was set at $5,000, WFTV reported.

Watch the video report here: InsideEdition/Youtube

Sources: AWM, WFTV

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