Horrific video out of San Francisco shows young children having to get off the bus to walk through a filthy drug den of homeless addicts on their way home from school.

Last week, Ricci Wynne posted the video on Twitter, writing that the students were getting off the 14 transit line on 8th and Mission Streets when they encountered what appeared to be the homeless encampment sprawled across the sidewalk.

Of course, what can we expect from a Democrat lead congressional district, located in San Francisco, California, wherein Nancy Pelosi has many unaddressed issues.

From homeless to drug addiction, San Francisco can be a mess. And this mess is impacting young school children every single day.

On Friday, Wynne a San Francisco resident posted this disturbing video on Twitter, who asked, “Would you want your children to walk through this squalor just to get home from school?” as he showed the squalid and dangerous conditions the children faced.

The children – many of whom were masked – were filing off the 14 transit line in the Golden Gate City at 8th Street and Mission, which Wynne called a “main artery” in San Francisco that’s been “hijacked by drug dealers.”

Here’s a Twitter user writes in a separate Tweet:

“This is no back ally. This is the main artery of the city that has been hijacked bye [sic] drug dealers and now is Pure filth.”

This drug addiction and homeless problem in the California city stands in stark contrast to the seemingly content youth, who are presumably (and sadly) used to these types of scenes. San Francisco’s homelessness and drug problems are ones that the city has failed to address properly.

More details of this story from the Daily Mail report:

The open-air drug den in the video, which the young children are forced to walk through, is just a block away from the city’s notorious taxpayer-funded Linkage Center, which quickly became a site for addicts to take illicit drugs on the street in broad daylight.

The Tenderloin Linkage Center was set up in January in a bid to direct the city’s homeless drug addicts towards services that could help them, including medical care and rehab.

It is situated close to San Francisco’s famous Union Square and Civic Center, with many locals claiming the facility has made the once pristine tourist destination a grimy hotspot for crime and drug-taking.

100 Percent Fedup commented further:

Each action the city has made to try and correct the problem has been too soft, and ultimately backfired. They have resulted in an even more open and centralized collective of drug-addicted homeless people taking up the main streets of the city, and now school children are exposed to needles on the streets and risk witnessing overdoses every single day.

This is Nancy Pelosi’s home district. This is her hell.

Last week, San Francisco implemented a six-month, $3 million program that will see community workers rather than police respond to low-level emergency calls about the homeless.

But many on Twitter, where the video has been viewed at least 40,000 times, don’t hold out much hope that the city will improve anytime soon.

“This is exactly what politicians like @SenBlumenthal @ChrisMurphyCT @SpeakerPelosi @tedlieu @RepSwalwell want,” wrote Twitter user Connecticut Mises Caucus. “A broke country while they get to become filthy rich. They send billions of dollars to foreign countries so they can get kick backs while our country rots.”

Sources: 100percentfedup, Daily Mail

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