For working parents and other people with children, juggling work and childcare responsibilities can be difficult. However, nannies provide a flexible and straightforward way to care for families and children.

Being able to rely on a nanny for duties like school or nursery pick-ups and drop-offs can help busy parents save a lot of time and relieve some of the burden from friends and family who would otherwise be asked to assist.

In addition to giving parents more free time to spend with their kids, nannies also give the adults time for relaxation and free time. The extra assistance is steady, effective, and dependable.

The days of relying on unpredictable in-law childcare or the hassle of daily pick-ups and drop-offs at a center are over thanks to the assistance of a nanny. By choosing to hire a nanny, you can relax at night, knowing that you did the right thing for your kids. Your home, sanity, and peace of mind will thank you for it.

However, for this North Carolina stepmom, Laura Oglesby who decided to check in on her 2-year-old stepson during a break at work on the nanny cam, expecting that the baby is well taken care of but to Oglesby’s horror, she was greeted with her step-son Declan screaming “NO” as he was force-fed by his nanny!

In the disturbing footage, the nanny who is Lauren Rowe can be seen forcefully putting food into the baby’s mouth as he screams and tries to get out of the high chair. At one point the woman can be seen holding the baby’s mouth shut after she jams pot pie into his mouth. She even pins the toddler’s arms as she forces him to eat while he struggles to escape.

Lauren Rowe

According to the NY Post, Rowe can be heard telling the boy repeatedly to “eat his food” as he sobbed for his parents. “We are learning today, you need to learn that you need to eat your food, and then we can be all done,” in the footage, Rowe is also heard and seen talking to someone on the phone, telling the person on the line, “If we didn’t control our 2-year-old, he would walk all over us.”

When Laura Oglesby checked the nanny cam, she saw Lauren Rowe force-feeding her stepson as he screamed for his parents.

The shocking video rightfully infuriated Laura Oglesby and her husband Max right away. “I wanted to kick her (bleep), I wanted to come here and pin her down and I wanted to put food in her mouth,” Oglesby said.

The North Carolina couple had to call Declan’s birth mother, who reportedly lived nearby, as she and Max were about an hour’s drive from the house. As they were driving home, they begged the boy’s mother to go get their son, heartbroken and worried.

Laura Oglesby and Mark immediately rushed home, once they got a hold of their child, the couple noted that there were bruises on the boy’s arms. “We are heartbroken for our son and furious that this happened,” Max Oglesby wrote in a Facebook post, hoping to shed light and awareness about the situation. They are warning others not to hire Rowe.

Rowe was arrested by New Bern police on a misdemeanor charge of child abuse but released after posting a $2,500 secured bond

“We are all emotionally drained by this whole experience,” Laura wrote on Facebook after Rowe’s arrest. “Our main goal now is to make sure this sticks to her like glue so she can’t ever do this sort of thing to a child, dog, or person in general ever again.” Max also pointed out that the footage he posted to social media was just a “small clip of the two hours [Rowe] spent doing this to our son.”

The family is heartbroken after the traumatizing incident and trying to heal. “You don’t expect it to happen to yours, Max said.

“[Rowe] was recommended to my wife on a Facebook group for New Bern moms. She’s got a check on freaking I feel like we took the right steps.” What’s even more heartbreaking for the family is that Declan cried out for his father during the incident. “And I wasn’t there. S–t hurts,” Max added.

Laura texted Rowe the video the nanny cam recorded, along with a long message:

“You are no longer needed to nanny for us, and my suggestion is that you don’t nanny at all until you learn how to patiently handle children. The way you handled Declan tonight in the high chair trying to force-feed him is textbook child abuse … You broke a mother’s heart tonight,” the message said.

Watch the videos below:

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