In a daring display of honesty, a Miss Universe Philippines finalist fearlessly addressed a contentious issue surrounding transgender athletes, earning her widespread admiration and sparking a spirited debate.

The Miss Universe Philippines 2023 event, which took place on Saturday night, was an intense contest among 38 candidates, all vying for the honor of representing the country in this year’s Miss Universe competition slated to occur in El Salvador.

The event was graced by R’Bonney Gabriel, the reigning Miss Universe from the United States, and the new owner of the Miss Universe Organization, Chakrapong “Anne” Chakrajutathib, a renowned Thai transgender celebrity and media mogul. Chakrajutathib’s tenure as the owner has seen a liberal shift in the competition rules, now welcoming mothers, wives, and transgender women.

In the initial Q&A segment of the pageant, the top five finalists were each given 30 seconds to provide their answers to the questions put forth by the judges.

One of these finalists showcased remarkable courage, presenting a firm and rational stance on the issue of transgender athletes participating in women’s sports, often a subject mired in ‘political correctness.’

A judge queried, “Trans athletes are now being allowed to compete in women’s sports events in many international competitions. Do you think that this is a step in the right direction? Why, or why not?”

Ms. Baguio’s representative, Krishnah Marie Gravidez, took a thoughtful stand on this, replying, “I am all for equality for all genders. I believe that we have the right to participate in any sports. However, I believe that there is a biological reason that we should not allow trans women in the women category, because I believe that there is a right time for that and there is right measurements to be done.”


In a world where honesty is often the best policy, such an answer would be hailed as a winner.

Upon delivering her reasoned response, Gravidez received thunderous applause from the crowd. Her candid approach was also lauded on the internet.

One netizen praised her, saying, “Finally, someone brave and with self-judgment. She deserves a standing ovation because she didn’t get carried away by the “politically correct.”

A transgender woman concurred, adding, “I am a Transgender Woman. And no, I’m not offended, I don’t feel any phobia. It’s consistent. She could have contributed a little more, but it was concise, correct, and I repeat, coherent!”

Another chimed in, “FRANKLY I can say I love her response; she’s honest and goes beyond what people just want to hear, even if it’s lies. Have the courage to raise your voice and offer what you think, without thinking of what others will say or if it will please others. I see no disrespect or transphobia in her response.”

While Krishnah Marie Gravidez may not have clinched the Miss Universe Philippines 2023 title, she will continue to represent the Philippines at the Miss Charm pageant. This Vietnam-based beauty contest aims to promote culture, tourism, and educational activities.

Below is the glimpse of the 22-year-old Ms. Baguio in the gown competition.

Source: TGP

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