In an effort to curb the negative sentiment around getting the Covid-19 vaccine, this Austrian brothel went beyond the fence just to encourage the people.

This just proves they’re making bargains with the devil just to get us all vaccinated, or do they even work for the devil itself? Well, who knows…

Forget free beers, lotteries, and discount food because Fun Palast in Vienna is offering free ‘sex sessions’ to patrons with a sex worker of their choosing if they get vaccinated at the brothel. It might sound like a fun initiative but this is one of the most illicit acts of bribery.

The worst part is, they even encourage boys as young as 14, as long as they have an adult with them. It is another proof that these jabs are a work of the devil.

Here are some of the comments from the netizens:

Currently, only around 65 percent of residents in Austria are fully vaccinated, with those who are yet to be jabbed barred from restaurants, hotels, salons, and other public spaces. And the screws are tightening.

Just this week, the country introduced new 2G rules, which come in response to a rapidly rising infection rate. A spike saw Austria’s case numbers rise to over three times the level of neighboring Germany. In response, Austrian authorities said they would step up police checks to enforce new rules for unvaccinated people while adding a further 800 officers to the regular patrol.
Turns out the best way to get people to take the jab is to roll up your sleeve and show a little skin. Who would’ve thought?

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