These Democrats are really fond of making Trump look bad, even compared his supporters to a terrorist group who allegedly supported by Biden. Yikes!

Hateful democrat Ashley Allison, a former campaign official for Joe Biden has ridiculously compared Trump Supporters to Taliban militants.

Allison said that the people who will be in attendance this Saturday have a “delusional fetish” about overthrowing the government.

She said, “There is just a disconnect with reality.”

“We know Joe Biden won the election, and these folks are showing up because, on January 6, there was a group of people who wanted to overthrow our government and did not believe what voters actually decided to do,” she added.

Allison then compared rally participants to “Charlottesville neo-nazis” who “came back to Unite the Right.”

“But the thing that is so disgusting to me, is the same Republicans who will not condemn Saturday’s attendees or the rally, are the same ones blasting the Biden administration about Afghanistan. And when I look at the people who come on Saturday, I draw very close parallels to the Taliban,” Allison said.

She continued, “They are people who don’t have respect for democracy, they are people who don’t have respect for diverging ideas, and that is what people on January 6 stood for … and if you’re a Republican or Democrat and won’t condemn, shame on you.”

This is so radical. Why would you even compare citizens who are trying to make a point about Joe Biden’s fraud-ridden victory? Where in fact, puppets of Dems gunned down an unarmed air force veteran then the shooter walks free? How?

Could things get worse in Biden’s America?

Source: DailyCaller

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