People will always try to find a way to survive and make money. It’s just the way that things are.

In this pandemic, there are a lot of people without proper employment for the time being and they are having to do things a little out of the norm in order to make ends meet.

I know some people who have jobs that they are currently laid off from that hosted podcasts in their spare time that they are using that as a means to try and get a few dollars in. Some are even doing YouTube videos and things like that.

However, when you are trying to make money when you are in the service industry what are you to do?

The restaurant and hospitality industry has been hit very hard during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Because the best advice that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention can give people is to stay inside and remain six feet away from everyone else while outside, restaurants have shut their doors.

That means these establishments have been forced to lay off their entire workforce, which means that bartenders waitresses and food servers are desperate for cash – and are willing to do almost anything to make ends meet.

Some establishments, including one strip club, have offered to send a stripper out to deliver food orders and to “flash customers” at the doorstep. Other restaurants are packaging toilet paper in with their takeout orders to entice customers to buy their food since toilet paper is so in demand right now.

But that leaves the majority of waitresses and bartenders without any source of reliable income.

Many are turning to the adult entertainment industry to make ends meet. And Katherine Doolittle is at the forefront of this pivot in careers. The Dallas-area-based service professional, who used to serve drinks behind the bar at Deep Ellum’s Ebb & Flow in Dallas, now looks to serve customers in other ways.

Although she’s not supposed to leave her home, she manages to make a great income sending pictures out to people willing to pay for them. The only catch is that she has to undress to make the most money.

Doolittle hopes to make more money selling photographs than she ever did serving drinks. And because she doesn’t have to sell products for someone else, she gets to make all the money from her hard work – and reap the benefits of more than just the tips.

A group of servers has paired with local photographers to sell nude photos on a platform called OnlyFans. They promise to give 100 percent of the profits toward the people who are out of work because they rely on jobs in the restaurant or hospitality industry. That means that laid-off cooks, waitresses, bartenders, and others will be getting a generous handout from this service.

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