People in the United Kingdom are lining up at the pumps to collect as much gas as they can, as a gas shortage continues to plague residents.
But what this one woman did make other motorists panic.
According to reports, a “STUPID” panic buyer was spotted emptying out water bottles and filling them with petrol while she held up a 30-minute queue of desperate drivers behind her, oblivious to the risks.

Gavin Rabbitt filmed the incident after stopping at Shell garage in Cobham Services on the M25. In the clip, the woman bends down to fill up one of the bottles, before emptying another and filling that up too.

The 44-year-old said sat in disbelief as he watched the female driver empty two 1.5litre water bottles into a bin before shamelessly filling them up with fuel – seemingly unaware of the potential risks. The bottle was not a safe way to transport gasoline and could be at risk of melting or exploding.

Over the weekend, the sale of jerrycans rose a staggering 1,656 percent, according to Halfords.

“‘I thought, ‘I can’t believe the stupidity of this woman.’ This is the kind of thing that causes the problem,” said Rabbitt, who is from Tonbridge, Kent. “People were filling up things they shouldn’t be filling up, and no one else can get the fuel because of other people’s stupidity. The queue was all the way down the slip road. We were queuing for about 20 to 30 minutes. She was all blasé and doing it right in front of me. It’s ludicrous.”

AWM gives us more details of this story:

The gas shortage crisis in the United Kingdom is due to several factors, including a continuing shut-in of some North Sea oil platforms and an explosion at one refinery. The country has been forced to ration gasoline for motorists after poor weather conditions caused panic among energy traders who feared there would not be enough fuel available through National Grid’s pipelines into storage depots. In response, the government has deployed a £22 million diesel generator to provide emergency power for hospitals and other essential users in East Anglia.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson also announced that he would be visiting Germany’s key oil hubs of Rotterdam and Antwerp this week to discuss ways to mitigate the crisis with European Union leaders.

The gas shortage is so severe that the government has urged people to stop using their dryers and dishwashers until further notice. In response, Britain’s biggest supermarket chain Tesco said it would be limiting fuel purchases at most of its gas stations because availability from suppliers is limited.

In an effort to help alleviate some of the pressure on the gas shortage, some people have opted to download an app that gives drivers a warning if prices at nearby petrol stations begin to rise.

Despite these efforts, some critics have said that the app has not had as big of an impact on petrol stations as it may have otherwise done due to a lack of fuel availability in many parts of the country. So far this week, about 60 percent of Tesco filling stations are without any unleaded fuel, and nearly all of Morrisons stations are dry.

Watch the video report here: TheSun/Youtube

Source: AWM

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