Fauci is now the center of criticism around the world as controversy continues about his knowledge of this COVID-19 virus.

Evidence continues to emerge, and now his newly released emails, which paint the picture that Fauci knew all the damning details on COVID-19 for quite some time make it even stronger.

It seems that Fauci has been a puppet master in this pandemic all along; meanwhile, Rudy Guiliani just brilliantly summed all that up in this brilliant tweet:

Here’s what he said:

“I will now refer to the pandemic of 2020 as The Fauci Pandemic. It spread the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus all over the world.”

He‘s definitely not wrong.

The virus not only infected people, but it literally became cancer throughout this nation by crippling our economy and way of life.

We literally started acting like China!

Fauci certainly deserves to be exposed for the fraud he is, but his demise really does bring into question who is doing this and why.

Some believe that this exposure of the virus’s true origins is an effort to officially end the pandemic and if you looked at Biden’s latest jobs report, you’d understand why.

Excerpt from POLITICO reports: 

On the heels of April’s sluggish job growth, which shocked economic forecasters and sparked debate over a nationwide worker shortage, the May data will be closely watched for any indication of whether something significant is holding back the labor-market recovery — such as what Republicans say are overly generous federal unemployment benefits — or whether the previous data was nothing more than a one-month blip.

Democrats have downplayed the concerns, maintaining that the path back to full employment was always going to be winding and stacked with challenges. And economists are predicting the report will show 630,000 jobs were created in May, a robust number. But while Biden has been polling strongly on his handling of the economy, a second straight month of slower-than-expected job creation could embolden critics of his multitrillion-dollar infrastructure spending plans and raise fears that the labor market is facing a long road back to normal.

Regardless of the reason, it’s great to see Fauci finally be exposed.

Whoever is working to unleash this truth is an absolute hero.

Sources: WayneDupree, Politico

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