Leave it to Democrats to never miss a chance to try and divide people.

It’s in their nature. They have been doing it for decades, but now what they are doing is more sinister than ever.

Now that they have stolen the election and gotten Congress, they are pretty much telling people to take shots at conservatives as much as humanly possible. If you want to know why you might have seen fewer people displaying their Trump stuff since the election, it is because they are going out of their way to avoid being seen so their car doesn’t get set on fire while they are at the grocery store.

Before, during, and after the Civil War, the Democratic Party stood for racism and hate.

In the early 1900s when the KKK had millions of members and white supremacy permeated the Old South, Democrats were in charge.

In the 1950s, racist, radical Democrats supported Jim Crow laws and tended to oppose the budding civil rights movement.

Today, the party is much more ‘diverse,’ but just as hateful and just as racist.

And their racialist leader is none other than Maxine Waters, a poster girl for term limits.

The California Democrat took time out of her most recent irrelevant, inconsequential term in office to gaslight the country again and toss heaping tanks of aviation fuel on an already explosive, divisive country to smear her favorite targets: White conservative Trump supporters.

Breitbart News noted:

Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) warned on MSNBC’s ‘The Sunday Show with Jonathan Capehart’ that former President Donald Trump would attempt ‘to take over legislatures, little towns and cities.’

Therefore, she said he must be convicted in his impeachment trial to ‘take away his power.’

‘I do believe he sent all of these domestic terrorists to the Capitol to take over the Capitol, and that includes not only the Proud Boys but the Oath Keepers, the QAnon, and white supremacists. These people have been aligned with him. One of the things I hope that will be looked at as we take this impeachment to the Senate is the fact that in his campaign for re-election, he was paying the very organizers of the insurrection that took place. The names are right there. The amount of money that he paid to them, it is shown in the last report. More of it is going to show up in the next report that they have to do,” she railed.

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