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VP Kamala Harris said she plans to travel to Mexico and Guatemala as part of her new role overseeing the administration’s response to a surge of migrants on the southern U.S. border – as she faces intense criticism for her alleged lack of action on the crisis.

She has faced criticism for not visiting the border — something this latest trip does not seem to resolve. At a House GOP press conference on Wednesday, Republicans displayed a milk carton with Harris’ picture on it with a slogan on “Missing at the Border.”

During her speech, Kamala Harris lied and blamed “climate change” for the surge in migrants to the US border.

The White House has countered that criticism by saying that she will be involved in “high-level diplomatic” work, and not the border itself.

“This is diplomatic work that ultimately, over the long term, will address the migration issues we’re seeing. It’s not an assignment to ‘handle the border,’” White House communications director Kate Bedingfield said on MSNBC. “What she’s doing is high-level diplomatic work that is incredibly important to our economic stability in the hemisphere.”

However, former DHS officials have brushed off that defense, saying that those talks require Harris to also know about what is going on at the border.

“You can’t talk to Northern Triangle countries, or to Mexican officials, without understanding the pressures and the situation and atmosphere on the border,” former acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf said at a Heritage Foundation press conference on Tuesday. “The two are so linked, you can’t do one without the other.”

Of course, this was her latest ridiculous and purposely misleading statement. No wonder she chuckled to herself as she announced her plans.

Everyone knows the US border is now wide open after Joe Biden ended ALL of President Trump’s border control policies on the same day he was inaugurated.

On Thursday Stuart Varney called Kamala’s whopper an “argument of last resort – when you want to hide the truth drone on about climate.”

Of course, the fake news media never challenged Kamala on her latest nonsense.

Watch it here: Fox News/Youtube

Sources: Fox News, AP News, Gateway Pundit, Aljazeera

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