On Friday, during the two hours Zoom meeting of President Xi Jinping and Joe Biden, Xi Jinping told Joe Biden that inter-state conflicts are in no one’s interests and both countries should “shoulder our due international responsibilities”.

“Peace and security are the most valued treasures of the international community,” he said as per Chinese state broadcaster CCTV.

Xi reminded also noted that “Events once again show that state-to-state relations cannot go to the stage of confrontation.” He also highlighted that War is bad for business. “Conflict and confrontation is not in the interests of anyone.

Xi also added that the U.S. State Department was sending wrong signals to the ‘Taiwan independence forces. In particular, some people in the United States send wrong signals to the ‘Taiwan independence forces, which is very dangerous.

If the Taiwan issue is not handled properly, it will have a subversive impact on the relationship.” He continued.

The Chinese analyst thinks that Joe Biden had understood what they were trying to deliver as they called the exchange “constructive.

China’s president gives Joe some time to save his own face and to get some reasons to shift his blame with.

At the end of the discussion between the two leaders, they agreed with the following:

  • To follow up in a timely manner,
  • Take practical actions
  • Strive for the return of China-US relations to the track of stable development
  • Make their own efforts to properly resolve the Ukraine crisis

The Chinese also insisted that NATO is MIA in all this. NATO, they insist, should also conduct dialogue with Russia to solve the crux of the Ukraine crisis.

Meanwhile, for Biden, he quickly lick Xi’s boots and promised that he will remain “opposed to any unilateral changes to the status quo across the Taiwan Strait.And added that he will continue to follow  the one-China policy “while respecting the Taiwan Relations Act and ‘underscoring concerns about Beijing’s coercive and provocative actions directed at the island.

In a call nearly two weeks ago with Blinky, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said the same thing that Xi told Biden. In a Twitter post, spokeswoman Hua Chunying twitted that Joe is on the wrong side of history on this one. Analysts are getting nervous, noting “the stakes could not be higher in terms of Beijing’s next move.” They “don’t think it’s an overstatement to say a potential tipping point in the relationship.

The director of the Asia Program for the Washington-based German Marshall Fund, Bonnie Glaser is calling Xi’s call “noteworthy,”  and said that the Chinese president is trying to reset the US-China relationship and offer Biden a way to do that. And his simple solution is to blame someone from his administration for not following through on the understanding reached between the two presidents last November.

Sources: Deep State Rabbit Hole, National Herald India


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