The White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki had to snap directly to the reporter to stop yelling about a conspiracy theory during the press briefing on Monday.

Emerald Robinson of Newsmax – who wouldn’t stop shouting questions at Psaki last week after the press briefing was over – asked Psaki about President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden and his Chinese business dealings.

Hunter Biden is still active with overseas investment, according to reports from last week. Psaki was asked by Robinson if Hunter Biden has divested from a Chinese government-linked firm as he previously promised he would.

Hunter Biden stated last year that he would unwind from his investment and resign from the company’s board.

Last year also, Joe Biden pledged that if he were to be elected in November 2020 no one in his family would have foreign business dealings, however, Hunter has not divested from the Chinese government-linked firm as of October 2021.

Robinson asked, “There was concern when President Biden took office about his son’s business dealings with China, He was supposed to divest himself of his stake in a Chinese private equity firm in December with ties to the Chinese central bank. As of April, he had not yet done that.”

“Has he dissolved that interest now?”

Emerald Robinson got snapped by Psaki and directed her to Hunter’s representatives.

Psaki said, “I’d point you to his representatives on that. He doesn’t work in the administration.”

But Robinson wouldn’t let it go, “Wouldn’t it be assuring to the American people, as we head into this, if they just let the American people know if Hunter has divulged [sic] himself of that?” She added.

Psaki again said that Hunter Biden doesn’t work where she works so she can’t answer that question and told Robinson to ask Hunter Biden’s people.

Robinson agitated and started yelling.

Psaki responded slightly irritated,  “You should talk to his representatives. That remains his policy.”

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