Recent reports flooded the internet about 79-year-old dementia Joe privately told Barack Obama that he’s running for re-election in 2024, hinting that he’s serious about winning a second term and not just saying so publicly to avoid making himself a lame duck.

It was not clear when Biden told Obama his plans. But Obama visited the White House earlier this month, to celebrate the Affordable Care Act.

Joe Biden has suffered a dip in his job approval ratings in recent months, leading some Democrats to wonder whether he might not seek another four-year term.

Biden is already the oldest-ever president and would be 86 if he completes a second term.

Last month, President Trump said during a press conference in Brussels, he told reporters he’d be “very fortunate” to run against his rival in the 2020 election.

More from The Guardian reports:

Amid competing crises, from the Russian invasion of Ukraine to the coronavirus and rampant inflation at home, Biden’s approval ratings have plummeted. Most observers expect Republicans to retake Congress in November. But the president has dropped plenty of hints that he does plan to run again.

In September, it was widely reported that Biden and aides had told allies he planned to run again. In December, Biden said he would run if he stayed in good health. He has also said Kamala Harris, his vice-president, would be on the ticket again

One of the sources who spoke to the Hill said Biden “thinks he’s the only one who can beat Trump. I don’t think he thinks there’s anyone in the Democratic party who can beat Trump and that’s the biggest factor.”

In 2020, Biden surged to victory in the Democratic primary on the back of support from Black voters – and a quickly gathering sense that he was indeed the party’s best hope of beating Trump.

Biden recently hosted Obama at a White House reception and pundits and observers believe Obama is likely to play an increasing role in Democratic politics as the party tries to improve its messaging and standing ahead of the November midterms.

Biden’s approval rating is currently underwater as record inflation, rising crime and a major foreign war shake Americans’ confidence in his leadership.

Sources: MSN, TheGuardian

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