On January 6th last year, The Department of Justice admitted this week to running secretive Elite commando teams with the authority to shoot-to-kill.

Four Trump supporters died that day including two women who were killed by Capitol Hill Police. A third woman was nearly killed but was rescued by Green Beret Jeremy Brown.

Now they’re admitting the government did in fact have commandos at the capitol on Jan. 6. The DOJ Commandos were given “shoot to kill” orders.

After nearly a year this information is finally coming out. And they accused this website and others of being conspiracy nuts for reporting on the feds in the crowd that day.

We will likely never know how many feds were working that day to sabotage the peaceful protests.

On Sunday, January 3, 2021, Newsweek made a shocking exclusive report, titled: “Exclusive: Secret Commandos with Shoot-to-Kill Authority Were at the Capitol.”

Deep State Rabbit Hole reported:

Quantico, Virginia is known far and wide as a really “spooky” place, infested with “intelligence” operatives from every alphabet agency unknown to man. That’s where the secret briefing transpired.

As soon as Jeffrey A. Rosen, who was acting like an Attorney General, got back from the holiday break, he “approved implementation of long-standing contingency plans dealing with the most extreme possibilities.” Like sending in teams of clandestine commandos.

The Capitol Police were totally unprepared for the events of the day and claim they had no knowledge of anything brewing.

Meanwhile, the Pentagon was gearing up for “an attack on President Donald Trump or Vice President Mike Pence, a terrorist attack involving a weapon of mass destruction, and a declaration of measures to implement continuity of government, requiring protection and movement of presidential successors.” They need elite commandos for that. They were there, and “authorized to shoot to kill,” as well.

Without checking in with anybody, Rosen “made a unilateral decision” to deploy DOJ shock troops along with “so-called ‘national’ forces.” He didn’t leave a paper trail. “There was no formal request from the U.S. Capitol Police, the Secret Service, or the Metropolitan Police Department,” Newsweek reports. In fact, they add, “no external request from any agency.” Commandos? Where?

“The leadership in Justice and the FBI anticipated the worst and decided to act independently, the special operations forces lurking behind the scenes.” The FBI was busily in charge of the barbarians, through QAnon and all the informant rats they could trap.

Read more of this story from Newsweek’s exclusive report:

On the morning of January 6, most of these forces staged closer to downtown Washington, particularly after intelligence was received indicating a possible threat to FBI headquarters building or the FBI’s Washington Field Office. FBI tactical teams arrived on Capitol Hill early in the day to assist in the collection of evidence at sites—including the Republican and Democratic party national headquarters—where explosive devices were found. FBI SWAT teams and snipers were deployed to secure nearby congressional office buildings. Other FBI agents provided selective security around the U.S. Capitol and protection to congressional members and staff.

A tactical team of the Hostage Rescue Team was one of the first external federal agencies to actually enter the Capitol after protestors breached the building. In addition to augmentation of emergency security assets, one team coordinated with the U.S. Capitol Police and Secret Service to provide additional safeguarding of Vice President Pence, who had been moved to the underground parking structure beneath the Capitol, from where he was supposed to evacuate. But Pence refused to leave the building and stayed underground instead.

The presence of these extraordinary forces under the control of the Attorney General—and mostly operating under contingency plans that Congress and the U.S. Capitol Police were not privy to—added an additional layer of highly armed responders. The role that the military played in this highly classified operation is still unknown, though FBI sources tell Newsweek that military operators seconded to the FBI, and those on alert as part of the National Mission Force, were present in the metropolitan area. The lingering question is: What was it that the Justice Department saw that provoked it to see January 6 as an extraordinary event, something that the other agencies evidently missed.

Sources: DeepStateRabbithole, NewsWeek

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